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 Artistic Approach and Plastic


     From creation to creation, the artistic process of Néron goes further and deeper in its exploration of the transmission of energies emanating from vibrant uptakes of her surroundings. The artist opens up to the vibration of the society in which she lives by combining her own experience as a woman in order to remodel its expressive shapes in a visual field at crossroad between figurative and abstract art. She therefore engages herself in a process that allows her to create intense narratives of powerful expressiveness with sensibility.


     It is because of this appreciation, rich in emotional colors, that her inspiration structures a highly personal vision in her relation to human activity. Néron channels without any constraints the energy from dichotomic subjects that resolve themselves in works of disarming natural flow. It is the very substance from the integrity of these collisions that constitutes the resulting product of her creations that  interpellates the sustained attention of the public eye. From then on, the paintings become propelling vortex toward the universe that both set the public free, yet hold them captive.


     The introspective nature of the reflexions that nourishes the art of Néron are becoming more and more inclined on human psychology. She also tends on incorporating elements of text that transcends the sub-narrative proposition of their content. Those texts are more often fragments of texts utilized in ways that complete a work rather than the superposition of lampoonist discourse. In this context, the work remains a conceptual commentary and takes part in a complicit elegance of structure and aesthetic. In this way, Néron moves  within a logical path of thoughts that reflected in her compositions which we can find as much in her her complete catalog, to her most recent creation and projects to come.


     The paintings of Audrey Néron are composed of transfigurative introspection which reflects her affinities for abstract expressionism. Her usage of conflicting experiences and symbols are therefore intimately linked to her creative process. The resulting effect on the public proposes a dynamic questioning which resides in the strength of a rich creative path aiming at profoundly exploring the quintessence of its subjects.


     The ambitious displays of disparate avenues, linked to the wide span of technics Néron uses, give way to a luminous emotional charge that strikes us. Some surfaces are made of impasto of abstract movement and automatic writing. Those are often found within a same work or a series of work, interacting in layouts that, although complex, are intuitively censored in order to let the message expand and breath. Due to her optic and her fully shouldered vision, Néron is an artist with endless imagination that thrives on the sustained exercise of her art.        

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