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     Born in the seventies in the region of Montérégie, Néron was an introvert and solitary child who used her drawing talent as a tool for communication. In elementary school, she had already won many national drawing contest and honorable mentions from the minister of Canadian culture. In high school and through the encouragements of her art teacher André Soussi, she started to explore sculpture. She, still in high school, built a mural than gained strong recognition in various art symposiums and was exposed at Complexe DesJardins in Montreal.   


     In her teens, not being able to find what she was looking for in boutiques, she decided to start her own clothing designs. At twenty three she went to Collège LaSalle to further her technics in fashion design where she was selected in every contest in which she applied for and produced clothes that were displayed in fashion shows among which was the renowned ''Concours des Jeunes Créateurs'', in the innovation component.


    At thirty, also being interested by furniture, she achieved a formation in wood and furniture finishing that brought her work in the aerospace industry for ten years. In parallel, in 2011, she went back to Collège Lasalle to follow a formation in interior design, then on to L'École Polytechnique de Montréal for industrial design. She then becomes a master artisan and participates in the research, the development, the conception and the fabrication of high-end furniture for private jets. At the same time, to further her artistic explorations, she pursues a three year formation in 'Beaux Arts at l'École Créativ'Art de Montréal.  


     At forty-two, a gemellary pregnancy provokes a visceral need to come find her true essence and to explore all the conscious and intuitive sides of her being. Her introspection along with her fascination for her own childhood, and her children's aptitudes and caractéristics of ''zebra children'' are now constant items of her unique body of work. In 2017, she takes the leap to professionalize herself as an artist and has been at work in this process every single day since then. Her devotion to her art is, as it has always been, of the most motivated. It is now renewed with fresh visions that are propelled by an artistic integrity and an inspiration that have never been so strong.  

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